Drooling to Doha

to the airport in Jordan

to the airport in Jordan

I woke in the middle of the night, which woke Julie, but didn’t keep her from falling back asleep — and back to snoring. I picked up the blanket and moved from the twin beds to the couch with my alarm set for 8 and 8:30 am. I paid attention to the first one and thought maybe Julie would be up, but she’d been on her phone and went to sleep after me. I got up to the second alarm and started packing. We were ready to go by 9 am, said bye to Dana, left some change on her counter and the leftovers in her fridge.

We got to the beautiful field before the airport twenty minutes later. I went up to B-20 something to check in with Qatar Airways and the agent told me they didn’t have a reservation for me on this flight. She said I could call her boss, “but I don’t have signal in the airport…”, or wait on her colleague to do so. If I had called I would have bought a new ticket. The agent noticed that I’d bought my return for May 8th and was able to transfer me to the same flight, same seat, for today for 17 JD. I was more than thrilled.

departures in Amman

departures in Amman

I paid at the airport office, returned the receipt to the agent, and he handed me a ticket at 10:15. I thanked him and got in the queue for passport control. A couple tried to cut four of us in line claiming there were two lines. I corrected them and others were grateful for my actions just as the girl behind me was when an employee tapped on her shoulder to let her wave at family one more time. I smiled into the retina reader and the officer told me to open my eyes wide, 25 minutes later, and I’m on the other side.

With some time to waste I went looking through the Duty Free shop and paid for my purchase in dollars, but still received piastres (Jordanian coins) back. I spent most of the next hour sitting by gate 110 listening to Sri Lankan women speak Arabic. They were kind enough while they sat there, but they got pushy in line. I played a word game, while they finished boarding the flight, in an attempt to stay awake.

arrivals in Doha

arrivals in Doha

I was in the aisle seat in the middle section and an attendant raised my seat back. I lowered it again, put the pillow under my face, and slept. He tried to tell me something about my safety, but having people come by and bump me won’t bother me after we crash and burn if that’s what he expects to happen after take-off.

Once I started drooling I was left alone for the flight. I was sat next to two women, and the one didn’t seem to mind my leaning. I’m grateful. Food was brought and taken away, but I managed to wake enough to grab the bread for later. I woke up as we were descending and put my seat upright. I’d had a good nap to make up for the sleep deprivation in Jordan and was feeling better.

leaving Qatar

leaving Qatar

Doha has a T-Rex in their airport among many other odd statues and displays. I was worried that we would be delayed on this flight. I’d been told to go through security early, skipping the machines, and sat waiting, but as soon as the announcement went through the line was quick. A lady was seated in the middle seat behind her husband and child. When a man took the window she asked me to switch with her. I did, knowing their culture… and it wasn’t like I was giving up a view. I was getting closer to it, which did make it easy to reach my arm over the guy to get a picture of Hawar Island.

I don’t have Snapchat, but I’ve seen people use it. I now star in two videos posted on the app. The lady that I moved seats with recorded me playing peekaboo and ‘punch my hand’ with her son. The screen came down and he pushed it back up until the crew gave up lowering it again. He was great. We took off, juice was served, and the plane was ready to land. As much as I enjoyed Jordan I was happy to be back in Bahrain.

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