It’s Closed Right Now

sign leaving base

sign leaving base

I feel late taking Caleb to work at 5:30. I drop him off at the dirt lot and drive on base for the first time. I park, walk over to the heavy doors (heavier than all the others) of the Freedom Souq, and notice the dark room with the sign out front. The gym doesn’t open at 5am on weekends – which Friday is here. It opens at 10am and I’m more than four hours early. On my way back to the highway I see Caleb getting on the van that will take him to work. At least he will be on time today.

Piggy's beautiful eyes

Piggy’s beautiful eyes

I have Cheerios instead of going out for breakfast. This allows me to get more blogging done, even though the walk to the dining room and back would only take me about 15 minutes. Piggy proceeds to regurgitate the broccoli and nuts I gave them yesterday. It seems I’m not the only one who thought the mayonnaise was bad. I’m just bummed I tried it after they had some. Eating breakfast seemed to help settle her stomach, but Sparky didn’t feel like chewing on kibble.

restaurant review for Bayti

restaurant review for Bayti 

I walked them at 1pm, asked the front desk about Gerge’an (kid’s celebration of Ramadan) and they had no clue, and made butternut squash raviolis with pasta sauce. Finished another post and took a shower. I should be getting out more often and reading more, anything but sitting and wasting hours on the internet (looking up restaurants, books, and clothes) between bouts of productivity on my blog. I read 32 pages before going to sleep.

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