Whatever Works In the Moment

buying the beer

buying the beer

I got to stay up late and read last night knowing I could sleep in this morning. I still set my alarm, but that was quickly silenced and I went back to bed until my secondary alarm, Sparky, started going off – and this one doesn’t shut up so easily. I got up to walk him and could’ve turned around quickly, but walked him to the end, got back to the room, and took him out again with Piggy who woke up alone. It’s good for them to get exercise in the shade of a 97 degree morning with a breeze that makes it feel like 85.

Caleb texted me at 8am. I picked him up, we got invited to hang out with Coleman, and went home to feed the dogs. We went to the gym for an hour and treated ourselves to smoothies – pineapple, kiwi, mango, green apple – that the guards let us take slurping out of the gate. Caleb didn’t realize anything until the guy at the Almoayyed Plaza desk was like, “WTF?!” but in Arabic. I’m surprised we forgot, but am glad we didn’t get in trouble.

drinking the beer

drinking the beer

We got to John’s place at 10am with a sixer of Shock Top wheat that I had three of. We walked on base at 2pm to get more beer, booze, and chip dip from the NEX. Then we went to the liquor store and bought a sixer of Benediktiner that I had 2 of. Caleb bought a $196 bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue. Back in the room I sipped on some Redbreast – it smelled terrible but went down smooth.

We hung out until 6pm when we needed to go home and walk and feed the dogs again. We went back for dinner. Caleb ordered BD40 of shawarma from Bayti that came with fries and the chocolate ones came with fried pineapple (that I shoved in John’s face) and then ate the rest in that dish. We hung out around the pool until 9:40 when Caleb started getting tired. We took home plenty of leftovers. I had fun hanging out with the guys. We’re home at 10:15pm.

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