First Underway Kind of Day

empty coffee cup

empty coffee cup

Caleb wakes me at 4:45 and three minutes later we are in the car on our way to base when I notice the biggest and brightest sun sitting over the water and want to stare at it while driving. I get Caleb to work and the next thing I remember is waking up in time for breakfast. Caleb got picked up late because the duty van got there early.

I have cereal in the room and sit down to get posting, but end up going through Caleb’s photos and posting 24 of them to Facebook while drinking a cup of NesCafe coffee. I have a late lunch of Ramen with a carrot, green beans, and balsamic. I would’ve had some Rotel in it but didn’t feel like bothering room service and then waiting on them for a can opener – the one in their kitchen. For dessert – some coconut chocolate and minty gum. I finish a post while eating Gouda with pepper Triscuits.

full snack cup

full snack cup

By the time I looked up the sunrise/sunset schedule it was already getting dark out. I have plans to wake in the morning and watch the sun brighten the day, do some posting, and then watch the sun lower in the sky. Then the next time I watch can be after looking up the best place to do so for both on the island. This is the quietest it has been since we moved in. I can hear the neighbour’s TV through the wall.

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