First Duty Day in Bahrain

part of a things to see/do list in Bahrain on a Facebook group page

part of a things to see/do list on Bahrain Family Group Facebook page

Took Caleb to work by 5:45 and made it home without accident – not that much traffic so early. Speaking of, I get a text from Uncle Ed. We got a notification in the mail of two toll road violations within seven minutes of each other. I’m prepared to pay the $200 fine, but once online with the info he gave me, the website says I only owe $5.75 – this time. We had tried logging on with our phones, but once we left California, those thoughts left our minds.

I talked with Dad and Caroline on Facebook until 7:30 when I got hungry and went to breakfast. I had a pancake with syrup, apple-stuffed croissant, three pieces of watermelon, a plain muffin, some peach-apricot yogurt, and a cup of coffee with milk in it. I took two slices of bread for a PBJ later. We bought a loaf and forgot to refrigerate it and it molded before we could open the bag.

The dogs poo’d before Caleb went to work and again when I walked them after breakfast. They are back to a healthy diet – maybe too much food, but I can’t wait till their bigger water bowl arrives so I don’t have to keep seeing an empty bowl. I do fill it after walks and at meal time so they are only being dehydrated in the shaded air-conditioned room between then.

orange protective coat on a Chevy in The Dragon Hotel parking lot

orange protective coat on a Chevy in The Dragon Hotel parking lot

I got a reminder about the cross-stitch and crochet event at the library happening at 10am. I thought about going (they supply everything), but then I figured I would be safer here – my houseboy agrees. He lives here and only leaves to go to church and the grocery store. I’m not that paranoid of Molotov cocktails and flaming tires, and I was hoping to use it as an opportunity to meet people, but they probably live close to base and I’ve had excellent luck with meeting my neighbors so far. If I feel like getting out I can just walk around my new neighborhood.

I got a message from Caleb letting me know his new ship’s email that he will have for the next two years. I talk to the folks in Arizona again before they go to bed. Caroline tells me she’s looking forward to a post to read at lunch. I’m quick to knock out three before she wakes. I was getting ingredients out to make some dinner – Ramen, sun-dried tomatoes, and baby asparagus that I unwrapped even though I saw how gray and squishy it was – hoping to save some (like half of the cherries yesterday), but it was a lost cause and I took it to the trash can outside.

I watched a movie about a father who worked too hard and was losing his wife until an escaped convict asked for his lawyer services to prove her innocence. Then I moved to the dining table to finish another post with VH1 on in the background for noise and company while I wait for pictures to upload. I had some coconut Ritter Sport and talked to Caleb on Facebook when he went on watch at 10pm. As soon as I hit publish I’m making preparations for bed.

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