Going to Miami

cranberry vodka

cranberry vodka

To help get me through the morning while I waited for all my electronics to charge I posted two days from a trip we took in April 2012. I took a shower at 4:00 pm, and Dan was reversing us out of the driveway 45 minutes later. We get to the airport with 2.5 hours to spare – which is a good thing. Dan dropped us off at the Delta Airlines in Terminal 2 and we needed the Commuter Terminal – a shuttle drive away.

Printing our tickets is easy. We have one checked bag that will cost us $25 and a carry-on each. Going through security everyone is elected to go through their new metal detector and that too is quick. On the other side I get my traditional cranberry vodka and Caleb gets a Tower 10 IPA. While at the bar we talk with an alcohol beverage insurance agent for stadiums and arenas that get sued all the time for bartenders over serving, a public defender that loves her 25 case load job, and a guy going to Costa Rica on business.

There’s also a guy that just got back from Mexico and he used his debit card down there without telling his bank. They cancelled his card after he tried using it here. We help him pay for the beer that he started drinking when he thought there wouldn’t be a payment issue. He spent the rest of his time on the phone and then thanked us before we took off excitedly outside past the first smaller plane to the bigger one with the line of people walking towards it.

Caleb sleeping on the way to Miami

Caleb sleeping on the way to Miami

Our flight loads early on our 80-seat plane that will take us to Los Angeles. The bathroom, or lavatory, is larger than should be expected on a smaller plane. It seems as if we are only in the air for 15 minutes before the landing gears are being lowered. Our connecting flight is a short walk to gate 53A and we head to Lemonade, a salad bar/deli, where I get a four-salad sample dish and Caleb a caprese sandwich. Done with dinner it’s time to wait in line which doesn’t take long either – everything is running smoothly.

Once on board we are in seats 29 A and B and there are two couples near us that are separated from each other – once they are together this leaves Caleb and I with a spare seat – plenty of room to stretch out for the four and a half hour flight to Miami. Plenty of bright spots in the night to see as we leave the City of Lights and I will read until we are flying over Texas. We are traveling at 35,000 feet going 530 miles per hour and the temperature up here, outside the plane, is 3 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are videos in the back of every seat – to watch safety videos, movies on HBO, and to check flight stats. We are woken in time to see the lights that stretch through the ocean known as The Florida Keys. We will soon be driving there in a rental car from Budget. This is our first time flying together and we are having fun. We just landed and I commented that I’d like to see the pilot land a spaceship. Caleb though says it’s one of the smoother landings he’s experienced. I look forward to what the day brings!

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