Nothing Compares

Nothing compares to the weightlessness I feel.
Nothing compares to the feeling this is real.
Nothing compares to the speed of my heartbeat.
Nothing compares to the tingling in my feet.

The questions you ask are not rhetorical.
The questions you ask are debatable.
The answers I give are coated in meaning.
The answers I give are not mine alone.

Your face turns red and your hairs stand up;
is this prep for embarrassment or the hunt?
Your hands are cold and your eyes focused;
is this prep for giving or receiving a low kiss?

The embers burn low in your faith of desire.
Your passion grows high in the face of denial.
How trivial this matter that no one knows;
this dance of the mind in the shadows.

Take my hand in yours for warmth and guidance.
Take my heart in yours for palpable excitement.
Take my body in yours for peace of our turmoil.
Take my soul in yours for everlasting surrender.

Nothing compares to the soothing of your voice.
Nothing compares to the calming of your touch.
Nothing compares to the softness of your skin.
Nothing compares to what I am feeling within.

The voice in your head has now become reality.
The touch you feel has now become your own.
As you walk this path of etherealism;
do you not feel nature smiling within you?

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1 Response to Nothing Compares

  1. Caleb says:

    You are a beautiful poet. I know that can be taken two ways. both are true;)


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