Can You Do Me a Favor?

Tracks: Earth and Sky

Tracks: Earth and Sky

My dad asked if I could watch Sonal’s store, Indo-Euro Foods, while she attends her daughter’s wedding and he goes to Hawaii to await the end of the world. I said I could. I drove home Nov. 26th with the plans to return on the 5th for training before they both leave the second week of Dec. I worked at 7-11 before so I know how to use a register. My biggest issue will be learning the different names of foods and knowing where they are on the shelf or if they are sold in the store.

Riverside Park, Yuma

Riverside Park, Yuma

Watching the store will be a great distraction from missing Caleb (or so he says), a selfless act, and an opportunity to learn more about another culture. I will get to listen to their music all day, discuss movies with people who rent them and watch some myself, and learn about new foods and making recipes. I will learn about their religious beliefs and marriage rituals. I will learn about their tight family structure and support and compare it to the, “it’s their life to screw up” mindset of American families.

sunset in paradise

sunset in paradise

Most customers know Sonal and know that my dad usually watches the store, so they should be considerate of what I do know about the store. I’ve been warned that some may ask if I’m Indian; if I work there; and if so, was there was a change in management. Some customers will be kind and helpful. Others will treat me poorly with bad manners. I look forward to trying something different and learning something new. Some will be great conversationalist’s in the non-rushed setting of a family owned business and one will neither speak English or Hindi – I’m ready!

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1 Response to Can You Do Me a Favor?

  1. Caleb says:

    If you are busy time passes easier. Not saying it is easy, just not as hard.


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