A Food Baby

Dan eating Mary’s yams

The book I was reading last night started out a bit debatable – to read or not to read, but at some point I chose the former and found my self up later than I had planned so when the alarm went off this morning I thought about sleeping in. Then I remembered I had to walk the dogs, hike a mountain, take a shower, and peel potatoes at Grandma’s at 11:00am. There was also all the driving to be done in between. Today’s hike would be Piestewa – one of top 3 recommended in Phoenix; Camelback and South Mountain being the other two.

All 18 (didn’t actually count them) parking lots were full and cars were parking on the rocks next to the no parking signs. I went back to the empty street to look for parking – not allowed on weekends or holidays. So I went to the next road to find some parking. I found an empty lot and was debating parking or going elsewhere when Caleb called. We talked at least an hour and a half. I drove home and after we got off the phone I got in the shower. I enjoyed the yellow water (thanks Dad – your horse really is amazing) and then drove the 24 miles to Grandma’s house arriving on time.

Peeled potatoes, watched some Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and then Amanda showed up with extra tables and food. I met her husband, not the most social creature, and her friend Melissa, who was nice and very helpful. I started eating appetizers at 1:00 pm. The family was told to arrive by 2:00 pm and most did. I got carried away meeting Dan’s side of the family – sweet and funny, but didn’t have to be told twice to grab a plate at 3:00. I filled it with green beans, potatoes, corn, yams, a roll, cranberry sauce, and a cranberry concoction (note: get yam recipe) with a glass of eggnog to wash it down.

my dinner plate

It would be about three hours before I bring up dessert. There are four pies – pecan, pumpkin, cherry tart, and peach cherry. I sliced them all and then helped myself to a slice of pecan; I should’ve stopped halfway through, but I’m sure to still be stuffed tomorrow when I go back to make cookies – keeping me out of the dough. I heard Grandma promoting my blog and Dan showing it off on his phone to his sister-in-law, Mary, who I got along with so well that we talked outside until the living room lights dimmed and Grandma told us she was ready for bed, but not before some more talking.

I had a great day sans turkey that caused three people to take naps after dinner. I brought back some leftovers for me – bell peppers, radishes, cheese cubes, potatoes, yams; the dogs – stuffing and turkey; and the pecan pie for Caroline, my dad’s wife. Dan kept the turkey and pumpkin pie and the other leftovers were divided amongst others that wanted them. I already brushed my teeth and need to drink water to wash all the food down. I thought I paced myself having only eaten one plate full but I wasn’t the only one with a food baby.

Just about to read and Caleb calls. It’s 9:00 am his time. There was a Thanksgiving dinner on board and some more celebration dinner with Jack Daniels in the barracks. We might’ve talked longer, but Caleb had to take one of the guys to base to get a butterfly stitch for the gash on his hand – he had too much to drink. Caleb has been able to manage his drinking to lessen the stress of being in charge of people who don’t know their job and working with others that are not deserving of their job titles.

Caleb’s dinner table

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