The Day Before the Turkey

morning sky at Thunderbird Park

I hit the snooze button this morning. My alarm went off four hours after I laid down; I wasn’t ready to get up. Some fruit for breakfast and I prepare for the morning hike at Thunderbird Park – boots and camera equal ready. I think about using a different lens and upon inspection it looks like a hairy grasshopper has moved on to the sensor in my camera. I thought that only happened to other people, but I remain calm.

yellow-spined cacti

I call around to all the photo and camera places within a 20 mile range. It’s not the starting price of $50 that detoured my decision, but the day or two time frame they said it would take to fix. Luckily for me, I’ve got Photoshop and will just edit out any extra creatures appearing uninvited in my photos, though it might make for a great post – I shall see. With that decision made I drive to the park and am glad I didn’t bring my dogs as almost everyone else did.

budding plant life

There are hikers, cyclists, and horses in nearby stables waiting to be ridden. I had planned on a different trail, but that’s not where I parked so I just followed the crowd up the hill. There are great sun-filled views and mountains in the distant desert. A sweater proves to be a bad idea as 60 degrees is hotter in the desert while hiking. Not a strenuous hike so it made for a great morning walk. I thought I might backtrack, but ended up taking a different trail back to the parking lot by accident. I saw a stink bug on a cacti and a bird on a bush. Perhaps the other animals travel for the turkey season too and are awaiting scraps in the neighborhood.

rocky road to the peak

I drive back to my dad’s place to walk the dogs before going to Grandma’s to help cook and then remember that I need my oil changed. The guys at Econo Lube N’ Tune are friendly and the service fast. I even got a smiley face on my reminder sticker. Then I saw the gas gauge and drove to the pump. I was excited about the $3.35 per gallon price, but noticed I was paying ten cents more without the cash discount. It’s still cheaper than what I’m paying in California.

dusty distant view

At Grandma’s I cut parsley, peppers, and cheese. There will be plenty of food to eat and lots of new faces to meet. I haven’t seen my aunt Amanda in eight years and have yet to meet her husband, Scott. She shows up to help cut celery, garlic, and sausage. Then the three of us enjoy some fridge-cheesecake while Dan, my grandma’s boyfriend, continues to do yard work. Grandma brings up that my cousin Shaun’s wife is having a second baby. I have yet to meet the first and haven’t seen him since I was a teenager.

view from the top

After Grandma’s I walked the dogs and fed them. It was 7:30 and they went to bed so I went out in search of conversation at an undisclosed location. I would like to thank J. for sharing words and food with me – giving me breakfast for tomorrow. It’s 9:30 pm and I’m going to read Makers – The New Industrial Revolution by Chris Anderson for a while. Then I will brush my teeth and attempt to fall asleep in a timely fashion, though I’m not worried about slumber. I’m sure tomorrow’s binge eating will put me in a food-overload coma for a few hours.

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