A Late Drive to Note City

I started my trip a little later than I had planned. I would drive away from the sun and into the dark. I had six hours of highway to look forward to. I had enough gas in my tank to make it to Yuma before having to fill up. I grabbed a coffee for me and some water for the dogs to wash their dinner down. I forgot about the time change, but luckily Grandma was woken minutes before I called to let her know I was 20 miles away. I arrive at her house after 11:00 pm to pick up the key to my dad’s place and some more fruit (he wasn’t kidding about an empty fridge).

I get to his house and decide to go in first to pee before walking the dogs. Before I got here I had been told that there would be no food, please water the plants once, and do a blog post – now I know why. I walked in the door and switched on the light. I turned around to close the door and that’s when I noticed the first note ‘Lock door, it’s easy.’ I would make my way to the bathroom and the notes continued on. It was great to be greeted by my dad’s creativity, but sad to miss one of his hugs . He even left a note for the dogs.

I went downstairs and walked them in the wet grass. After Piggy blindly stumbled up the stairs she eagerly searched for signs of the boogie man or any lurking llamas – we had been warned. Pajamas on, teeth brushed, lights off, but no ‘good nights’. It feels different being in someone’s house without them here and I’m worried that my dogs will make me regret bringing them with. I do right now – Sparky just farted. Lucky for me he lacks the thumbs necessary for a Dutch oven. It’s almost 2:00 am and tomorrow will be here soon whether I sleep or not. Grandma recommends I try Thunderbird Park in the morning before going over and helping prepare Thanksgiving dinner.

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