Squawko’s Tuesday

Sammi burying Lyra in the dinosaur fossil site at the children’s museum

Sparky woke me at five this morning to greet the cat, Harry, at the front door and pee in the rain. Then he woke me up at six to greet the cat, Tibu, at the back door. Robert, my father in law, showed up at 6:30. He is usually the babysitter of the grandkids between their parents’ work shifts. We had pumpkin muffins and grapes for breakfast at 8:30. We got the girls dressed and waited for Jake to get home so we could take the car with child seats.

We took the girls to the Children’s Museum two miles from the house. We paid for two hours on the parking meter and lost track of time. We played grocery store, dug for dinosaur bones, went fishing, painted, made Play-Doh shapes, and played in the water area. The girls got cherries painted on their cheeks. After four hours at the museum we went to the playground behind the museum where we ran around for a bit until Lyra got her pants wet from a puddle on the slide. Lyra fell asleep on the ride home.

Lyra and Sammi painting at the children’s museum

It’s quiet time now – nap for Lyra and a possible one for Sammi – she gets alone time to read and write. Jessi, my sister-in-law, comes in the back door. She will drive Caleb and I to the store where we get chocolate mole sauce to go with squash and chard tacos, some pumpkin lager and gluten-free raspberry beer, and dessert from Dairy Queen. Sammi and Jake stayed home and made cookies while Lyra napped.

Caleb picked up his dad, Robert, for dinner and then drove him back home around 10:30 pm. Jake works an early shift and went to bed. Sammi had fallen asleep on the couch so Lyra and Jessi kept me company until Caleb got back. We had a long day and had no problem falling asleep.

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