Moo Cow Monday

Grant-Kohrs Ranch

A nice night in a heated room being half underground – out the window we saw a car bumper. PBJ for breakfast and two hours away from the hotel I realize I’m not wearing my wedding ring. I begin to freak out and am about to have a panic attack when Caleb pulls the car over going from 75 to 0 in five seconds and hands me my night bag from the trunk where I had put my ring this morning.

We near Missoula and see a sign for Grant-Kohrs Ranch near Deer Lodge where we have been to the car museum and old prison and decided to stop. A short walk under two bridges brought us to a bunch of buildings closed for inspection and repairs. We got somewhat close to some scared cows and the horses were out of reach.

Sammi wearing a pancake hat

We arrive in Missoula after 1:00 pm and enjoy rain for ten minutes. The temperature is warmer now than it was when we were here in May – I need no coat. We sit and talk with Jake and the girls – Sammi and Lyra. We were going to make pumpkin cookies, but Sammi wanted to play outside. I had fun watching her run laps around the house and I thought about joining her… But then Jessi walked up from work, reading a book, and we went inside.

Sammi had fun playing in the backyard with Sparky. She showed me her playhouse – big enough for three adults, two kids, and one dog. Lyra impressed me with how cute and smart she is. We had art time. Sammi drew pancakes, Lyra drew a dragon, Jake drew a pumpkin, and I took pictures. Jake and Caleb would make dinner – a Quiche frittata mix with beet soup – delicious! We had our choice of pineapple, figs, or tapioca pudding for dessert.

Caleb’s dinner photo

The dogs went to bed and Caleb read Sammi a bedtime story. He is now asleep himself. It has been a long day and we have more to look forward to tomorrow. It seems we might spend a few days here – cooking, eating, and talking. We also have plans for a children’s museum, a yoga class, and a corn maze. Then it will be off to Glacier NP and then west to Washington.

Lyra depetaling a flower

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  1. MOM says:

    Thanks Caleb for remembering.


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