now I am somebody that I didn’t know

random picture of me

In First grade my favorite food was carrots. I still love them (with peanut butter too).
My favorite TV show was Full House. Now I don’t own a TV. I prefer YouTube.
My favorite hobby was swimming. That’s all there was to do at Nana’s and the lake.

An Eighth grade questionnaire – answers in black. Update in red.
1. What do you want to be when you grow up? a teacher, a blogger
2. Do you plan to graduate from high school? yes, graduated in 2004
3. What would be a good graduation gift to receive? a car or college money, a diploma
4. Do you plan to go to college? yes, nice expensive place, a cheap community college
5. What is important to you in picking a college? getting a good education
6. You’ll consider yourself grown-up when: when I know that I am fully matured
7. Which is the most important thing you’ll want from a job or career? satisfaction
8. Other than a car, the first major purchase you’ll make with your money will be: a home for my future family, a computer and camera gear to travel with – a home will tie me down
9. When it comes to money, you plan to be a: saver
10. By age 30, how much do you think you’ll earn a year? $3,000 after taxes and bills (I currently don’t work, but enjoy volunteering)

11. Do you think you’ll get married? yes, Mar. 2008
12. Do you think you’ll get divorced? not sure, til death do one of us part
13. Beyond love, what do you think is the most important thing in a marriage?
having similar interests
14. Would you like to have children? yes, not yet, two dogs are enough
15. In raising your kids, what one thing would you do differently than your parents?
spend more time with them and let them decide what foods they like
16. By the time you are 40, do you think the following happened?
Yes (woman and/or black elected president, life in outer space, U.S. involved in war)
No (time travel, state added to the Union)
17. When it comes to your future, do you worry about the following?
Yes (finding a job, dying) No (finding a mate, moving away, supporting myself, growing old, nuclear war, global warming) No
18. Which would you prefer: stay young forever or become an adult tomorrow?
stay in my 20s

19. If you could grow up to be like anyone who’s alive today, who would it be? my mother. myself. I’ve done some amazing things – this blog!
20. Once you’re an adult, the one thing you’ll be glad you won’t have to do anymore is: listen to anyone if I don’t want to, eat dinner before dessert
21. By the time you’re 40, what do you think will be the biggest problem confronting the USA? the environment
22. At what age do you think you will be “over the hill?” 60
23. Who has helped you the most in your junior high years and how?
my mom, supporting me in band, cheerleading, tennis, volleyball, school, and life
my dad, giving me books to read and money to save, encouraging me in math and science

Current Events
1. Elian event
2. Kosovo War
3. Clinton President
4. Aggie bomb fire
5. Columbine shooting
6. Y2K
7. JFK (Jr.) Died

On a positive note: geocaching was invented.

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2 Responses to now I am somebody that I didn’t know

  1. Karen says:

    Love the dress. I don’t remember when I bought it; I am so old. And I love your survey. Grama


  2. Caleb says:

    It’s cool to see that some things didn’t change and that you are still interested in some of the same things.


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