Similarities of Sisters

matching jumpers made by Nana, Summer ’93

the doll cakes of ’93
we both got bikes with varying degrees of blue and purple

Oct ’93. I still have an aversion to Barney. Tiffany now lets her sons watch him.

Merry Christmas to share ’93.
Riding in the field behind base housing, Fort Hood.

winning – before it was cool and everyone could get awards. Jan ’94

feeding deer at Topsey Exotic Park, Mar ’94

Santa’s lap ’95

the rivalry continues – bumper boats, Sept ’98

cheerleaders of Florence Middle School ’99

Some pictures not shown due to low quality – kindergarten graduation and some from 1999 and 2000. It seems we were non-photogenic teenagers and yearbook pictures are too embarrassing. Below is us as young twentians.

Battery Park, NY Dec. 2010 and Leander, TX June 2008


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