Caleb’s Biking Action

(As told by Caleb) Our neighbor has an amazing backyard full of treasures and surprises. One of which was a 1981 Nishiki International Road Bike. The bike (not the frame) was corroded beyond belief and had spiders and cobwebs all over it so he decided to offer it to me, with the hopes that I would rebuild it, since he sees me riding my bike to work. I thought that it would be a neat project so I stripped all the parts off the bike. It took some help from our neighbor, a pipe wrench, and some WD-40, but I eventually got everything off down to the frame.

I then went online to and started researching parts to put back on it. I chose bar-end shifters, a ten-speed cassette, a three-speed crank set, a new seat and seat post, 700×25 cm rims and tires, brakes, and derailleurs. A grand total of $446.31 in parts. As parts came in the mail I put them on the bike and before long I had a complete bike. I used to ride a Schwinn hybrid (now the wife’s because her bike was falling apart) 10 miles to the bus stop (ride from parking lot to boat) on base and it would take me 50 minutes. Now I ride the 11 miles all the way to work in just 45 minutes and I don’t have to pedal as hard.

ten-speed cassette

Anatomic Relief Saddle (for your arse) and handlebar tape (for your hands)

tires and tubes


I have crashed twice already (getting used to riding a bike that weighs 10 pounds less). Once while crossing railroad tracks. I tried to cross at a 45 degree angle and the bike went with the tracks and I went over them (scraping my shoulder and hand). Then on the way home with Jess I ran into a fence because I got too close (tearing a hole in my shoe and pinky toe) and the wind blew me into it. Other than that I love the newish bike.

the finished product

Photos by Caleb – Captions and Parentheses by Wife

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2 Responses to Caleb’s Biking Action

  1. That is some back wheel cassette! The bike looks super fast! I still have a,…..crap, close to a 30 year old Trek (I’m sooo freakin old now) with 18 gears and it still flies. I have gotten up every morning for a dizzying 20 minute ride it in the dark for the last month…. to burn off the calories of the ice cream raids. I love riding bikes! Have fun! be safe! ~ thanks for dropping by!


  2. Dad says:

    30 Speed ?? WOW !!


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