Leaving Missoula

Jake, Sammi, Caleb, Robert, Jessi, and Lyra in front of Stone of Accord

Jake, Sammi, Caleb, Robert, Jessi, and Lyra in front of Stone of Accord

We had planned on an early start, and when the dogs woke me at 7:00 am Caleb took them out, but we wouldn’t get out of bed until 8:30 when we hear Sammi say, “hello”. We will go to Robert’s to take our showers to help move the morning self-cleaning schedule along and this will give Caleb some father-son time that him and his dad need. We take him with us to meet the rest of the family at Stone of Accord for their brunch menu offered from 9a-2p.

We, adults, order coffee and Sammi takes it upon herself to help us with the creamer, so Jessi will order her a tiny cup of cream for herself (because that’s what Puss in Boots would drink). I ordered an omelet and Caleb something else veggie, but somehow   his omelet got dropped in the kitchen so when his plate arrived I got excited and started eating. I helped him with his potatoes, eggs, cheese, spinach, and artichoke hearts, and he got half of my omelet in return – I love sharing.

We drop Robert back off at home and he gives us a bag of homemade cherry-oatmeal cookies for the road. Back at Jessi’s, to pick up the dogs, and she will give us a goody bag with pineapple rings, spiced nuts, fig bars, etc. and refill our water bottles and jugs. We fill the car up with gas before making our way into Idaho. We will stop frequently in the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness, the third largest in the lower 48, to see ferns, mosses, trillium flowers, a birdhouse, fields, tall trees, a ground nest, and a suspension bridge.

waterfall in Idaho

waterfall in Idaho

Also while on Hwy 12, that runs along the Lochsa River, Piggy gets muddy feet, Sparky runs as wild as the rapids, we see a vulture with a six-foot wingspan take off from lunch, a man traveling down stream on a catamaran raft, and some waterfalls – while I eat chocolate-covered raspberries. We get to the Nez Perce National Historical Park Visitor Center at 5:30 pm, when we think it will be last-minute, but they closed an hour ago.

We stop at a gas station or two looking for a coffee thermos and come across Stinker Stores which remind us of Jessi and Lyra. Jessi will ask, “Who’s a stinker?” and Lyra will slowly point at herself – so cute, but no luck, so we head to Clearwater Park in Lewiston to cook dinner. As we set up, nine-year old Robert in 4th grade that plays baseball and who is visiting his grandma because he lives in Moscow (Idaho not Russia) keeps us company.

I let him taste our alfredo sauce. He asks about the dogs and thinks that Sparky, with his spots, would be more fitting of the name Piggy. He tells us that he doesn’t understand taxes, about how much he likes baseball, and that he has a little brother. I wish we could eat meals with strangers more often; I enjoyed the conversation. As we pack up Robert will ride his scooter home.

We will stop at the Lewis and Clark Trail State Park in Washington for the night. We were going to use the primitive area, for hikers and bikers, but the ground was too lumpy. We picked the second site on the left after the bathroom. After we set up the tent, I climbed in and went to sleep at 9:00 pm – a little more tired than usual after a 300 mile driving day. Caleb will burn some wood to set the ambience and then join me.

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