Day 5: Tallahassee Finish Line

Lake Miccosukee

Lake Miccosukee

I woke up through the night with the disturbance of the hotel light coming in the window. I got up at 7:30 am and Caleb called letting me know he would meet me in Tallahassee. My odometer is at 140.7 miles and it’s 26 or more miles into the capital city where I’m looking forward to warm pancakes, eggs, beans, pizza, and donuts – carbs and protein. I had applesauce for breakfast while I microwaved my clothes. My shoes were still dripping water when I put them on.

My clothes and my bags stink. This makes me wish I had known about sooner. It’s a good idea for so many reasons – shower, laundry, internet, dinner, sleep, and possible new friends. I backtracked some for a gas station breakfast. Dressed in my cycling gear drew attention and I talked to the man behind the counter while another customer and an officer listened. They were watching River Monsters and the guy suggested I fly to San Diego – yet another reason I’m proud of my accomplishment.

I got to see 16.6 miles of rolling hills, lush green grass, spanish moss in the trees with a light breeze and a temperature of 77 degrees. I feel a bit of disappointment in myself, but realize I learned lots in these last few days – proper gear being an important one. Cycling is not for the weak of heart. Doing long miles daily and meeting challenges along the way is demanding and takes determination.

Got home, unpacked my bags, and packed my stomach full of food from Mellow Mushroom – half a sandwich, half a calzone, and a pretzel – cycling burns calories. Then I set up the tent to let it air out. Called my parents to let them know how my day/trip had gone. My mom had faith and my dad was proud. Hearing them helped cheer me up. I like how great it feels to ride my bike and look forward to doing it again soon.

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1 Response to Day 5: Tallahassee Finish Line

  1. Caleb says:

    I somewhat regret picking you up. I know you would have kept going. I am proud of you. You have done so many great things and this is definitely one of them.


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