Creativity Denied

The post you are looking for has been temporarily removed. I am uncertain at this point when it shall return but I look eagerly forward to that moment. Though I can guarantee that even if it does return before the end of February, it is not likely to be available during March and April when I may very well be too busy enjoying myself on plans that I am making now, and with the tasks that must always be handled during a move.

We have to find a path to our destination, then a place to rest. When we get there we need to have a dentist, a veterinarian, a library, a park, a university (hopefully with another library), a grocery store, and hopefully museums and farm-stands and other such things nearby. We have to work around school now, school then, and try to plan a mini-vacation between job transfers.

Not only my busy-ness will try to keep me away, but the fact that most of my life possessions will be put into boxes and bags that will be loaded into boxes and put into the back of a truck until we determine a drop-off date to have them unloaded in our new abode. I’m excited for the adventure ahead and always a little nervous but upon return will have great stories and will again have keyboard access to my pictures and all the unknown joy that I forgot that they bring.

I will miss being here everyday, and I might stop in from time to time, but I haven’t noticed too many likes on my personal drawings. Word paint can not express the time, place, and emotion that my Canon can with some help, sometimes. Oh, and there will be no picture today. A first, and hopefully a last in this instance, but surely a start to many firsts to come.

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1 Response to Creativity Denied

  1. Karen says:

    Sorry about the comments kiddo.
    Dan and I read them every day, just been so busy, I read them on blackberry.
    Please have a safe trip across country. Hope you can stop by Tempe on the way.
    Hope you gave up the idea of the bike ride alone.
    Love, Grama


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