A Farewell Ride to Florida

We rode a 50-mile round trip and got six miles from Villano Beach. On the way out I was appreciating the weather and thinking how yummy the donuts would taste when we stopped for a break. We passed by runners and got passed by cyclists in both directions – one day I will have a bike that allows me to keep up – but will I want to go as fast? We stopped more than usual this time because there were animals just killing to have their picture taken. Caleb noticed a skilled fisherman in the sky with his catch-in-claw and I was just fast enough to get a photo. I was going to attempt to pet an alligator as he lay sunbathing no more than ten feet away, but when he got startled I realized just how deep the water was and thought he might not be alone. Better to just take pictures and move on. We got to see lush green fields with rich houses next to them and huge houses under construction waiting to be the neighbor. We got to see the animals in the sky and water, and people in the street. We felt the breeze in our face and the exhaust in our lungs when an old truck drove by. This is an example of what I expect to encounter with marshes and mosquitoes as I ride west through Florida.

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