Notice to America: Improvement Ideas

photo by John Wise

My ice cream taste like burnt plastic. Thanks America.

1. Pay-As-You-Throw I know some states already do this, but Switzerland does it better; America needs to implement greater recycling in more areas

2. Bio-methane powered buses, Norway is only using human waste but America has the power of beef and mutton too

3. Population growth, Bulgaria has the right idea

4. Youth (15-24) Unemployment, we need Germany’s efficiency

5. Migration rate, we should follow Chile’s example until we get it together

6. Obesity rate, Japan is around 3%, and here is some reasons why

7. Literacy & grade-school education, U.S. might be ranked Top 4 countries with the best universities, but many countries have a literacy rate of 99% – a lie in my opinion, Dr. Seuss doesn’t count.

8. Healthcare plan: France, Japan, Australia

9. Consumption of: natural gas – Cameroon, oil – Costa Rica @ 50k barrels/day, electricity – CR, Japan, Iceland

10. Public debt – Russia

11. Public Transportation – Hong Kong, Tokyo, Brazil, Copenhagen

12. Bicycle Friendly Cities – Amsterdam!

13. Defense BudgetItaly

14. Ranking of the best – America is #11

15. Divorce Rates – arranged marriage is the way to go in India

16. Abortions  vs. Prevention – it seems the U.S. is in a race with Russia, Vietnam, and Greenland. We have the resources but let the cost of contraceptives and religion get in the way.

17. Vacations, Holidays, Time Off – Europe

Small Print: The links above aren’t necessarily the most correct, up-to-date, or informational, but are easy to read, to get you started, if you feel inclined to learn more.

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