It’s Hardly Even Fall

In order to reach my 3,000 cycling miles I should be averaging 8.2 miles a day, 57.7 miles a week, or 250 miles a month. It has been three weeks and I’m at 106.7 now thanks to yesterday’s ride. I went out with the intention to ride to the library, four miles away, and then return home, but when I got to the library the weather was so nice and the beach so close that I decided to make a detour – I could use the extra mileage.

Riding on the Baldwin Rail Trail with professionals training for their next 100+ mile expedition is different then the people found at the beach in flip-flops with no helmets. I wasn’t wearing any compression gear, it was too warm, but I was wearing my helmet because people are crazy; meaning cars and cyclists that run red lights. I’m getting better at riding with a camera around my neck but might get a pad for more comfort.

On my ride I noticed Romney’s people are out for election advertising. I found a new park with tennis and basketball courts, picnic tables, a children’s playscape, lots of birds in the pond, and a small path around it. Didn’t stop long but look forward to the pictures I will get when I go back. On the way to the beach I saw a tire swing, a moldy orange tree, and someone’s possessions thrown on the sidewalk – for sale.

I pass many cyclists young and old. I don’t expect to see much when I hit the sand but there are people near and far enjoying the beach today. There are couples running, cycling, walking; and groups discussing business, travel, and weather; and strollers and dogs and fishing poles. It looks wet where I stand, perhaps the tide has dropped. I’m mistaken when I get closer to the water and end up running backwards to avoid wet shoes.

Looking professional, I’m asked by a girl to take a picture of her with friends at the beach in January. I was fine with using my camera but they offered cell phones . I started to get thirsty and had brought no water, or money, so it was home for me. It was a windy day but I enjoyed the peace, photography, and people. I forget that I live so close to the beach and now it makes me think of San Diego where I might live a few miles more inland.

There are still leaves falling, still flowers blooming, and still baby birds in our pond. I will appreciate this coast as much as I can for the time I have left on it though I’m sure this is more global warming than it is sunshine state. I feel ready to leave now to the west coast and experience all the weather it has to offer but when I get over there I will look back and think of all the Floridian places that I left unexplored – not on purpose.

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2 Responses to It’s Hardly Even Fall

  1. It was, and with this hot weather I might swim next time.


  2. Anita Mac says:

    Looks like a great way to spend the day!


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