Some of my Husband’s Good Qualities

Has respect for himself and others’ space and property

Clean look at work and a rugged appearance during time off – I like some hair

Picking new recipes to shop for and cook together

Learning to play new games – Guitar Hero, Skip-Bo, Sudoku

Deep conversation about us, the world (and taking over it), and our dogs

Sharing an interest with me in arts, cycling, and travel

Understanding me as a woman – someone to never be understood

Helps and enjoys his family – they have a sense of humor

Is great with children – when they are good

Loves animals and wants to pet wild ones as much as I do

Is not ignorant in regards to race, religion, culture, and others’ views

Can make me laugh – apparently not hard to do

Open to try new things – or eat stuff he doesn’t like

Is able to control his temper when dealing with customer service – I want it my way

Seems happier when making me happy – awesome!

Has skills that he doesn’t like to brag about (arts, mechanical)

Tries to plan for the future while living in the present – love it

Has forsaken his love for eating dead things at the house – I can’t stand the smell

Has lessened his drinking considerably as I continue my abstinence

Helped me to quit smoking – though he had more of a habit than I did

Does the dishes so I don’t have too – which then I do to return the favor

Buys me things to help me in my hobbies – camera, cake, clothes

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3 Responses to Some of my Husband’s Good Qualities

  1. nope, just his usual untamed haircut and lack of a hat!


  2. sheila says:

    does hubby have a new do


  3. Karen says:

    Jessica, do I have your e-mail address?


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