A Picture is Worth…

Grandma's floor, 1988

… a thousand words, but what about a thousand, or more, pictures. According to mine I eat a lot, and am outside a lot, and I do lots of other things except sleep. My pictures portray a very active lifestyle. I know we sleep; I think the Guinness World Record for most days without sleep is 11, so out of the 9,000+ days of my existence I should have around 850 days of sleep but finding evidence is slim in maybe ten photos dated prior 1990.

The dogs, though, will sleep anywhere at anytime unless there is eating or peeing to be done. I will sleep anywhere as well; the car, the couch, the floor. Caleb too likes to sleep in whatever he happens to be wearing, or not wearing, at the time. Other than baby pictures to help relay my point I am able to take a picture of the dogs waking upon our arrival after we were the ones to cycle 28 miles.

Soon after getting home I was proud and giddy and wrote my post for the day with no problem. We had salad for lunch, nuts to snack on, and then came an early dinner of noodles and cheese. Soon my legs felt like they had been at a rave all weekend; they were tired and wanted to rest. I would slowly drag the dogs out to pee before my legs took a nap; they would not be going out later, my legs or the dogs.

I began to relax on the couch but with cuddling dogs my legs became too cramped. I settled on the floor with my current read Around the World in Eighty Days and made it to Utah before I started drooling on the floor. My husband was able to finish his first Roald Dahl book The Witches before noticing me. We would end up in bed too early and I would toss and turn for hours but my legs feel great this morning.

I may not be able to ride an 80-mile day yet but my advice to anyone that wants to try: start with 30 miles, lots of water, some snacks, and a three-hour nap afterwards. Then, just keep pedaling, just keep pedaling. A journey of a thousand miles begins with pedaling and ends with a nap. Just remember to take some pictures along the way.

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5 Responses to A Picture is Worth…

  1. sheila says:

    I’ve got a slow start, been 6 miles and butt needed the rest.


  2. Caleb says:

    My legs felt fine this morning too but they were on fire this morning riding my bike to work. I am also glad that I took my bike and not the car because traffic was backed up for about two miles in each direction from work.


  3. Karen says:

    Grama and Olivia made it around the block and back on my recumbent bike Sunday.
    Legs and thighs felt very tight.
    I can understand.
    Love you, Grama


  4. recumbents seem fast; at least the one that passed us did! We saw some with windshields and a couple that was practically laying on the ground like a low racer but they were between the tires. Not my idea of fun.


  5. Sheena says:

    Did EVERYONE in the 80’s have those sheets? craziness!


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