Bottles, Bananas, Bicycles

Photo by Caleb: Over Exposure

As part of my resolutions we are striving to get more exercise done for us and the dogs. We took the dogs to the park yesterday and this morning treated ourselves to the Baldwin Rail-Trail. We had been once before but since it rained it seems we only rode maybe three miles. The trail length on the website says 14.5. I figured I had done seven miles one-way before; this should be no problem.

We pack water bottles and bananas into a small bag, grab our helmets, park the car facing the wrong direction, and head off. Soon I realize I just volunteered for over 28 miles of cycling. The weather was 75 degrees and I was trying out my new compression shorts, fitted shirt, and my Capri pants. Caleb thought it might get hot so he had taken his warm clothes off. We rode mostly under the shade of the trees lining the trail with the wind in our face both ways; with him in shorts and a shirt.

We saw some cows, bathrooms, squirrels, cyclists (pro & non-pro looking), runners, birds, trees, watery streams, and ponds. We crossed at least five roads; none were busy on the way to the half-way point but we had to stop on the way back. The ride was easy, comfortable, and fun. I had dressed correctly and we were enjoying each others company. The trail marker says 14.5 but we arrived at the end with my odometer reading 14.1. Here we stopped for our banana breakfast before heading back.

Even the return trip was looking good; and then we hit mile 23. I started standing on my bike to stretch my legs. Mile 27.5 and my butt started to get sore from the seat. I thought I was going to cramp at mile 28, but made it all the way back to the parking lot finishing 28.28 miles in two hours, 58 minutes, and 55 seconds. All this pedaling would have me burn 856.3 calories; I didn’t think that was possible in one workout.

Caleb burned some 1,200 calories and is looking forward to the baked fettuccine alfredo for a carb-party dinner tonight. Before we were done he was asking if I would like to come out every Sunday, my reply, if we have nothing else planned. This will definitely help me reach my goal of 3,000 miles but driving 30 minutes to get there somewhat defeats the purpose economically but it’s a very safe route with plenty of stopping room for pictures; of course we are going back.

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2 Responses to Bottles, Bananas, Bicycles

  1. Caleb says:

    I was cold at the beginning but at the end I was glad not to be wearing all the warm clothes. I think it helped me out.


  2. Tsemrou says:

    Your pictures make me smile! Simple and genuine


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