Love is…

…morning-breath kisses
…cuddling on a cold night
…eating something you don’t like – yum!
…holding hands all the time
…trying something that scares you to death
…staying up tired – just to talk
…saying your spouse is your favorite color and smell
…rubbing sweaty feet
…buying chocolate – for good and bad days
…when quiet moments are enough
…letting a woman drive your car
…long letters and heavy boxes – while work keeps one away
…showing support for your spouses hobbies – hopefully not hoarding
…doing chores so your spouse doesn’t have to
…riding bikes in the rain
…when being dirty or clean are both sexy
…knowing everything else will be okay as long as you have each other
…making funny faces for photos together in public
…fake tattoos and steamy mirror messages
…getting lost together
…missing each other terribly when you’re apart
…puppies – need I say more
…sharing your food – even when your spouse wasn’t hungry
…rescuing dog food in the middle of the night from hungry raccoons
…fixing things so they last longer

...old photos

…also: crazy, awesome, sweet, loud, random, dorky, exhilarating, messy, embarrassing and hazardous but always fun when done together or for each other. This isn’t all of them obviously but these are a few of the things I think represent the love in my relationship. The most important one being putting up with me for all these years; I’m sure glad he has and still wants to.

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1 Response to Love is…

  1. Caleb Aldridge says:

    wow you sure are good at writing about yourself:-) I love you!


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