Stuff my Dad Says

I am not loonier than you aren’t.

Doing so much and learning even more is always a challenge.

Or maybe you are recovering from broken fingers – SO YOU CAN’T WRITE!

…but you know your Dad – don’t hold your breath!

Excuse 16. Because I’m John Wise.

February 1990

When do you leave for the Tortugas?

What is your school email address?

But a cactus I am not; time to be the rolling stone and get moving down the mountain.

As beautiful as it all is, it is not mine, I will not take a bit of it home.

Remember to get out there on center stage and live it up.

Time compression demands that we have convenience.
Time dilation allows us to find life’s luxuries.

What are you doing up so late?

That’s crazy…just because I’ll make my mom buy one
doesn’t mean my ex-wife has to buy one…

Weird how you and I are programmed that way.

Did you see the comment on your newest blog post?

March 2011

omg…you are making sense in ways I’d never considered…

How did you find yourself on this self delusional journey this day?
oh yeah….you were born from some of my genes

Long live the perpetual weekend.

Have fun and learn lots.

Tall sugar-free hazelnut soy latte – no foam.

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