Christmas Spirit Inspiration

I follow a wonderful blog, here, where I got the inspiration for this post; and then realized that during all the tearing of shiny wrappers and eating of yummy pies I don’t have that many Christmastime photos. The same blogger has letters that her kids wrote to Santa, here, that make me wish I still had one that I wrote. All I found was some typed letter that at least promised presents that year. Here’s my ghosts of Christmas past.

church in Germany - 1987

Western Fun Barbie, Christmas in Germany, 1990

Victoria Glessner, Snowy, Me - Germany 1991

Fort Hood - 1992

Texas - 1995

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3 Responses to Christmas Spirit Inspiration

  1. sheila says:

    looks like scary claus


  2. sheila says:

    such good memories


  3. Caleb says:

    You are super cute standing next to snowy. I like the giant pink coat.


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