Unconventional Holiday

Happy holiday celebrations to all this year. It’s not that I’m not American and don’t celebrate Christmas but there are many other amazing holiday celebrations that deserve attention too. Christmas Eve was spent feeling bad for all the people who still have to work, yet I am one of the reasons they have to be there. Wanting to get out of the house we go to an outdoors store to try things on and camp out for a bit.

We have procrastinated with preparations this year. Santa delivers a present early and is greeted scarily by my guard-gnome; Santa will drop the present and run. It is a point-and-shoot underwater digital camera; now we can get rid of the film version. We bought fresh sandwich ingredients: tomato, avocado, cheese and such along with baking items. Caleb will make homemade cinnamon rolls, cranberry-orange cookies, brownie cupcakes, and bread. Yes I know, this makes him an amazing husband.

Sparky the guard-gnome

It’s going to be a tasty, good-smelling day for us. For breakfast, the dogs and husband had bacon and Sparky has played with his talking ball all morning, not a usual occurrence. Piggy is happy to receive treats and naps all day; she will be rested for a fun day at the park. We live close enough there will be no construction traffic but there may be plenty of foot traffic, and I’m okay with that. It feels good to be relaxing and enjoying the outdoors to burn off all the baked goods I will be eating throughout the day.

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