Cleaning out my Closet

I’ve heard of spring-cleaning. I do it every year; probably because I’m always moving around that time. I also enjoy a good winter-cleaning as well; it’s cooler so I sweat less. Some people might find skeletons in their closet; I found dolls. Two of them are named Jessica and come with certificates of authenticity; though they have blonde hair and blue eyes. I hear all babies have blue eyes but I’ve never been a natural blonde.

Being a girl, I suppose it is okay to admit that I have more dolls. One I helped my grandma knit the dress for, one with crazy hair and a colorful outfit, and yet a third in a blue dress that used to play a beautiful song. I should have gotten rid of her when her neck broke but I like to believe that if my grandparents and their parents had lived any longer that we would have strong family ties.

As it is, the one grandmother still living has had nothing to do with the dolls pictured. It is their time to find new guardians to care for them; perhaps then they will get more time out of their boxes. I’ve tried to find room on my bookshelves but they aren’t tall enough. They do have porcelain parts and are unsaleable online. I will fore go the few dollars that might be made and give them to a charitable cause.

As I continue to clean, many things will find their way to Craigslist or into my donation basket. How often do you clean, or move, or donate items? How often do you find things your parents bought and neither of you have used or displayed for years. With my constant moving, sometimes things get forgotten in boxes until I miss them enough to go looking. I would think I would be out of things by now but I am constantly acquiring new collections as hobbies, interests, and locations change.

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