Peeing in the Rain



It’s raining. It has rained before. I tried to let the dogs out on their own but Piggy wouldn’t even go down the stairs. I carry her down with an umbrella and escort her under a tree. Even though she was dry she knew there was wet all around her; like pre-shower when she’s already in the tub, she knows what comes next. I let her run back up the stairs and put their jackets and leashes on. Sparky was quick to go; he knows the drill but Piggy was willing to suffer that extra minute to drag out the moment.

Because it’s raining I let her sleep in, not that she wouldn’t by herself but I know her fear of rain. She does finally stand in the tub without total resistance and will walk in the smallest amount of waves on the beach, especially when birds are there. But her fear of rain made her pee in the house once. She tried to act all cool and let me know she could hold it, for five seconds, before she became relaxed and let go. But we weren’t the only ones out in the rain this morning. Is this how squirrels take a shower?

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1 Response to Peeing in the Rain

  1. winsomebella says:

    My dog is scared of rain and thunder. The vet describes her as a barometric dog–she starts cowering when I can see rain over the mountains in the distance even though it won’t start raining here till an hour or more later.


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