A Drive to Lake City

Most people probably don’t like getting lost, but my mom taught me differently; it’s a great way to find your way around a new place and in a Ford F-350 it’s a great way to get stuck on tiny dirt roads. Well technology would be looking out for us on this trip. My husband always gets lost and doesn’t appreciate it much. I felt like a drive so I picked a city we have not yet been to and, without our dogs, we drove.

We passed a house with dead animal bone decorations, another with cows painted on the side, and happened to notice these cars procreating in the yard. Lake City is about 75 miles west from our house. There are plenty of restaurant choices upon our arrival but we are not yet hungry enough to eat. Only a 30-foot bull and a tattooed biker caught our attention before we left. I’ve heard that sometimes the journey is more interesting than the destination; in this case that theory is correct.

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