World Golf Village

Display Case

I won a ticket to the World Golf Village in St. Augustine off of I-95 and had a year to use it. We ended up going one month before the ticket expired. Neither of us have ever really been into golf, and though I find it fun, I didn’t want to pay for an expensive ticket. We pass the big sign for the place all the time and were passing it before they opened so we drove to the shopping plaza that we pass every time too. I took some photos in a cookware store until the lady working didn’t appreciate the flash photography; use some more store lighting then.

We left so that we could arrive early. We drove down a long road and passed home lots and wide green golf fields. I decided to park when we arrived near a bunch of golf looking buildings. We could walk around and ask for directions. Turns out, I parked us in the middle of the main tourist circle. We took some more photos and bought Caleb’s ticket while we waited for the volunteers to finish getting ready so that we could tour the museum.

Hall of Fame

There is a Bob Hope section among all the golf trophies, lockers filled with memorabilia, cases like the one shown above, and rooms where you can practice on different greens; get a feel for the different smoothness. I didn’t think that anyone would have played on rough ground, but golf had to start somewhere.

After the museum, we played 18-hole putt-putt. It wasn’t crowded and the weather was nice; not a bad way to spend the day. After I won, by maybe three points, we made our way to the IMAX theater for a film on dolphins and whales explaining a bit about the most common ones: orca, sperm whale, right whale, and dolphins and how much they’re endangered.

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