Freshman English: Creative Uses for Chalk

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1. writing implements – blackboard lessons, dark paper drawings, sidewalk art

2.  in food – to get bugs out, in place of sugar in your tea, in your siblings potatoes

3. scientifically – experimenting with different chemicals and elements

4. cosmetically – space of a missing tooth, make-up for Halloween, hair dye

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5. as a toy – juggling object, as a doll with family and home

6. marker – clothes for yard sale, what page you are on in a book, in place of white-out

7. as a gift – teacher for class, friends, maybe a famous artist

8. throw it – as defense, a new game, in place of rice at wedding exit ceremony

internet meme

9. helpful tool – plug a hole, fill a crack, door wedge, a model

10. jewelry – necklace at the beach, bracelet on a rainy day

11. medical aid – stop a bloody nose, a finger splint

Did I miss any? What things have you found to have more than one use for?

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