Mom Goes to Ft Jackson


She gets her picture in the local Salina Journal.

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Gets a letter from Wendy Graham in January.

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Gets another letter from Wendy in February.

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On the back of the photos
Steve: To, Shelia Good luck with Training and your future. Love Steve
Jill: Clark — I know we’ll make it through basic – in spite of all of these crazy bickering people – good luck and stay awake! Jill Clemente
Bernadette: Love Always Bernadette Threder
Ursula: To, Shelia Clark from Ursula K. Stater of Tallahassee, Florida Get in the dirt


A polaroid from a friend.


Airborne School in Fort Benning, Georgia

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A trip to see family before deploying to Germany in the summer.

Having some fun.

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Some travel memorabilia.


John Wise, the man who showed Mom the joys of Europe and childbirth.

A day on Germany’s tallest glacier at 2700 meters.

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