Coffee, Cars, and Claus


I’m sure each time someone drops the soap there is an interesting story behind it — here’s mine. About two months ago I bought Caleb some cold shower cooling soap cubes to get rid of sweat after a hot day in the office. Well, he already has cleansing material at work, for now, so I opened the box and found out how well it doesn’t work in steaming hot water. So there I was, reaching for the soap when it slipped out of my wet hand and between the jacuzzi tub and wall. The story doesn’t end there. Caleb got home to see what else I found when I moved the basin — a mini shampoo bottle, a dirty razor, and a grimy bar of orange.


Turkish coffee station

This makes me nervous to move all the other large furniture for hidden treasures but worries me that I didn’t think to do this sooner, but that’s what I get for assuming — a summation of crap as I scrub the remnants of someone else’s ass juice away from its residence on the tiles between tub and non-movable floor drain cover, making sure not to pull on any cords or gadgets and whatever else is going on back there. Of course, after I threw my new treasures out I debated if I should’ve saved the other soap too.


Hours later, after Caleb got a nap, we would be on our way to the Chocolate and Coffee Expo at the Exhibition Center in Sanabis where traffic only delayed our arrival by 15 minutes. You can imagine our excitement that we were able to try ALL the COFFEES and some of the chocolate too. There were other sweets and treats and even pooped on kopi luwak for our viewing and smelling pleasure, but no samples due to the high cost. While waiting for my Turkish coffee, cooked in sand, I had to stand back while a woman zoomed-in with her arm to get a video with her phone closer to the bubbles I would soon be sipping.


On our way to the Expo, I had seen tent tops and so we decided to walk to the Bahrain Mall to see what was going on — it was Bike Week(end), along with a classic car show, food trucks, and vendors selling leather. After Caleb was done drooling with his eyes and telling me how he would swap his parts for a vintage vehicle I got us an Uber. This guy was the second to cancel on me in hopes of getting the fee, but it only gives me a credit towards my next ride. I asked why he canceled and he tried to blame it on the company. As he almost hit every other car between us and the National Museum I was wishing we had waited for someone else or just walked there.


We were walking to the Art Centre but the sign said it was closed at 5 pm and with no cars in the lot and no lights in the window we kept our stroll going until we got to Big Texas BBQ & Waffle House where there was another tree lighting and mulled wine. Not only did the boss bring me a fresh steaming cup of goodness, but he was also offering the place chicken, waffles, pizza, mac-n-cheese balls, mince pies, etc. so we had dinner there too. If that wasn’t impressive enough, a group of carolers were brought in with their pom-poms and torches (flashlights) to entertain us and give us cheer of the season with the help of a lit-up gingerbread house and Santa Claus (a lit-up inflatable version and a jolly live one for taking pictures with the kids in the lobby).


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