The Start of Autumn

The fall season has different markers depending on the locality but there’s now a wider distribution of early Christmas decorations (and in our case setting up for National Day), pumpkin spice flavored anything and everything (hello San Diego), and that sudden change in temperature (10* F or 5* C) that has people putting on sweaters and coats depending on their comfort level, which for me is shorts.


playing Junk in the Trunk

I was invited to an Alice in Wonderland themed Halloween party (girls only) which I thought would be a new and exciting experience. It was definitely new and I was the first to arrive (as I’d forgotten the two hours early invite to get others there “on time”), dressed as the tea party, and the three sisters had spent hours doing their makeup to be the Cheshire Cat, White Rabbit, and Alice with a bloody card sticking out of her neck; and Mom was the Queen of Hearts.

I helped with some of the decorations (arrows and rabbit ears), brought some cookies to go with the tea, but forgot my over-selfie taking self at the door when the other girls arrived to take a million photos from every angle. There was also a photo station under a tree where they gathered, but had no problem using the couch and mirror, etc to set the tone for their Instagram and Snapchat. Most of these girls arrived in an abaya so this was their chance to show some skin.

Between all the flash there was time for party games, some to include all twenty guests and others for just six or less at a time. I won a headband. People left en masse after the food but I waited for one of the cakes to be cut (and my Uber) to return me from Hidd before taking some cake pops with me. This party helps me appreciate all the moments I can spend with friends at events or gatherings while not buried in our phones. Perhaps some great invention will be revealed from their addiction, but until then I will continue to appreciate people in person before attending to my likes.

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  1. Gotta admit, I love sweater weather…


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