Golfing for Children

Q&A: How do you feel about your body? It is an efficient machine that could use more upper body strength (in my arms and mentally).


Caleb in action

Caleb took the day off in solidarity of my two weeks of not going to work. We went by the boss’s office so I could pick up my check before going to Morley Field to play disc golf with Josh, Summer, and Alvaro.

I left on the 7th hole to get a drink and napped in the car instead until they were on the 14th hole and then bought a raspberry tea Monster so I wouldn’t pass out while I finished watching them to the 19th basket.


the competition

Summer tossed her disc into a tree aiming for the 16th and we got it out with her climbing the tree and using a pole after the guys tried throwing rocks without success. This distraction caused them to skip the 17th hole and we finished at 11:30am.


grass roots

Caleb and I decided on lunch at Slater’s 50/50 and I tried the quinoa burger on mixed greens with an egg on top. We bought dog food with a coupon, cashed my check, and picked up wiper fluid for both cars on the way home.

We walked Zeus, the neighbor’s dog, and when we got back the kids were already home. I offered to watch them tonight so their parents could go to Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood. The girls’ 30 minutes of reading took 50 and then it was time for swim.


Pumpkin Orla

They grabbed their towels and goggles and we got there 20 minutes early, but this gave us time to have a peek at the Halloween event going on — kids making slime, decorating tiny things, and enjoying a small bounce castle, etc.


The girls worked on backstroke, laps and diving for rings, and the oldest on treading water and his techniques. We got them home for showers and I went to pick up the other kid while Caleb started the stuffed bell peppers in the oven.

Dinner was ready at 6p and they took an hour to eat. I was reading with J when K interrupted and I had him write sentences and confiscated his phone. K would put himself to bed early, but not before the evening’s excitement.


J’s pepper and a half, plus a grilled cheese sandwich, caught up with him and landed on the stairs and in the sink while the girls watched. Caleb cleaned that up and then the girls stretched before I sent the kids to their rooms to play.


school poster

That only lasted so long until the girls decided to come into the living room to enjoy quiet time too, while playing sleepover. Caleb is reading and J is bored and trying to entertain himself by bothering the girls, the dog, and the clean laundry.

The girls go to their room after Caleb leaves at 9p to watch videos and send emojis to their mom. One is passed out when I check on them and I take the other one’s phone so she will sleep too. The dog was hanging out, but must be asleep now too.


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