Awake Dreams VS Asleep Dreams


Q&A: What is your biggest dream? To be happy (to put it most simply). My dreams have changed since I was a child. I would daydream about living in a house with kids and at night run away from foxes, snakes, and aliens. Now I daydream about island diving around the world, hiking for months at a time, and spending time with Caleb outside of the navy life. My REM sleep now brings me bits of exercise, sailing, school, or spas with a variety of people from elementary school to present (whether they’ve met or not).

Dreams, like goals, are meant to grow and change. I set up a list of things I thought I would accomplish this year… and I’ve only done one out of eleven, but it’s also because I’ve prioritized other things. We are thinking about what we’re going to do in 4.5 years when Caleb retires from the Navy (what jobs in which country) and I’m sure our dreams will be different as we adjust to the civilian life and all the added taxes and scheduling freedom that come with it (along with being just us, and dog free, for the first time).

TOPIC CHANGE — We tried fennel for the first time the other day. Recipe said to slice, salt, cook, and eat. I found the center (like an artichoke heart) to be the better part, but we ate our tiny pieces of black licorice in disgust, and I realized this is the epitome of adulting — trying something new and following through with it when we could’ve just ordered pizza. I tried it cold in the morning and told Caleb to throw it out. One day, when this memory fades, we can try a different flavor and cooking style to try it again.

It is neat how tastes change. My mom didn’t like (was it strawberries or tomatoes) when I was younger, but at some point didn’t mind them once I was grown. My dad continues to try cucumbers randomly waiting for that moment when they spike joy in him… hasn’t happened yet. For me, it was putting up with mushrooms and now craving them, or trying to avoid celery and now adding it to recipes. Though I go through seasons of sweet or salty, I know that peanut butter will always be there with me, evolving.


TOPIC CHANGE — My gym was closed for Columbus Day, hence why I thought today was a holiday for everyone, but not me. I arrived to the second graders in the middle of a tostada party in celebration of Latin Heritage month, they chose Belize. We went over feet, legs, and pelvis in class today and I got to deal with a giant Pixy Stix at lunch today by blowing it off the kids tray so he couldn’t snort it. We have more kids grabbing less veggies and eating more, but still destroying playground equipment — baby steps.

I got home to a sick husband who had spent the day sleeping and drinking tea, and just as I unpacked my bag Fallon invited me to swim practice. From there we would drop the kids to soccer and then go to the store for dinner. I was going to buy a blood orange cold brew, but we got some mocha cookies instead. I hung out and helped make chicken, bow tie pasta, broccoli, rice and lentils, boiled eggs, paleo energy bites, and watched the salad and jello get prepped for the week.

I felt bad by not being home to take care of Caleb, but he was fine cuddling with Sparky and taking naps (living the dog life for a day) and says he could get used to the role reversal of me going to work every day while he sits around (though he says even the thought of that makes him bored). I had some salad with peppercorn and brought home a new seasoning with coffee and some green kombucha. Caleb had chips for dinner.

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