I Choose Eggy Danky

Q&A: Are you happy with your choices today? yes.


south 395

I had good dreams and woke up next to Sparky as Caleb was making me mint cocoa to warm my hands on this windy morning, with clouds that had finally cleared, but with an increasing light from the sun at 5:30, so that we could still see the stars while he stood next to me and blocked wind and sand in his wooly and jacket with me in flip-flops.

We watched the sunrise over the mountains as we drove south, enjoying the quiet of the road. We had climbed in the tent and looked at brunch places along the 15/215 in case traffic was bad we’d have a place to stop, but we made it home for showers and teeth washing before changing our minds again on where we would eat.


Caleb chose Tribute Pizza instead of Lazy Dog or Tiger!Tiger!. He didn’t like Rabbit Hole and I still want to try Punch Bowl Social. He got the everything bagel calzone and I couldn’t help but get my regular (potato puree, two poached eggs, kabocha squash, dino kale, cherry tomatoes, pepita pesto, and pecorino (Italian for sheep) cheese.

I ordered a pumpkin spice coffee, made by the boss, so that Caleb could update his Instagram, and because we got to see the Flavor Bible and hear about pumpkin spice pizza (something to make once, but that shouldn’t be sold). If there had been some I would have tried that too.

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