30 Things in My 30s: Number One

I’ve learned that each decade is a repeat of the last, examples:

drink: 10yo juice, 20yo booze, 30yo kombucha
school: 10yo free public, 20yo paid college, 30yo paid to work in
bicycle: 10yo with dog, 20yo with husband, 30yo spin class/beach
dishes: 10yo chore, 20yo newlywed, 30yo trying new soap and sponge
car: 10yo rides from mom, 20yo stealing boyfriend’s, 30yo own and a loan

dance: 10yo cheerleader, 20yo bar, 30yo Zumba
writing: 10yo paper journal, 20yo starting to blog, 30yo maintaining blog
housing: 10yo with family, 20yo with roommates, 30yo with husband and dogs
injury: 10yo hospitalized twice, 20yo concussion, 30yo broken toe
exercise: 10yo recess and pe, 20yo military pt/newlywed, 30yo gym and classes
books: 10yo Mom reads IT to me, 20yo read IT to myself, 30yo gifted first edition IT

phone: 10yo corded, 20yo cell, 30yo texts
boat: 10yo go out with parents’, 20yo go out with Navy, 30yo go out on own boat
bills: 10yo parents pay, 20yo struggles to pay, 30yo diversified portfolio
food: 10yo lives off pb&j’s, 20yo cooks pb&j’s, 30yo makes healthier pb&j’s
dad: 10yo writes letters, 20yo calls, 30yo waits for him to call

bed: 10yo sleeping in bunk bed, 20yo on futon/air mattress, 30yo Tempur-Pedic
research: 10yo encyclopedia, 20yo Google, 30yo internet to search for books
travel: 10yo family vacation, 20yo road trips, 30yo international
bath: 10yo time with bubbles, 20yo showers quickly, 30yo looks forward to a bath
dogs: 10yo teaches new tricks, 20yo gets two new dogs, 30yo deals with senior dogs
internet: 10yo dial-up, 20yo wired, 30yo wireless

camping: 10yo in trailer, 20yo on ground, 30yo on mattress
kids: 10yo wanted lots, 20yo likes practicing, 30yo happy without
waking: 10yo Mom is my alarm, 20yo roommate motivation, 30yo on a schedule
also kids: 10yo babysitting, 20yo working with “kids”, 30yo working out with them
make-up: 10yo can’t wear it, 20yo don’t wear much, 30yo wear sunscreen/moisturizer


Q&A a Day: If you were going to start your own company, what would it be? At 10yo I wanted to be a teacher, at 20yo a psychiatrist, computer scientist, author, photographer, and world traveler, and at 30yo I want to dive and travel and be healthy and happy and share these goals with others. I would start a company that motivates people to make a positive difference in their life — in their home, brain, and body. Maybe one day I’ll own a dive shop and fitness center next to my husband’s garage.

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