Fabrics of Time

Q&A a Day: What’s the oldest thing you’re wearing today? It would have to be the mini dinosaurs shirt I got at least seven years ago, even though in less than two months I’ll have been married for ten years!! I work and play with kids and the wedding ring can be a bit of a hazard, and I don’t wear it in the gym either, so it sees less daylight these days.

Next, the grey sneakers I got in June 2014. I’m using them to recover from my broken toe and then I’m going to break in a new pair of shoes!! Then, the blue tights and pink sweater I got in June, my smartwatch I got in September, and most recently my new panties and black socks that were on sale two days ago.



practicing headstands at work


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2 Responses to Fabrics of Time

  1. Thanks for stopping by. I’ve been wanting to do a headstand for years and now I get to practice variations of them and work into a full handstand… always learning 🙂

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  2. ourlifein3d says:

    That’s a pretty impressive headstand Ms. Jessicaness! I never could do one like that. Have a great Thursday…

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