Do, Does, Did

Q&A a Day: Do you owe someone money? Does someone owe you? Yes and yes. I pay rent on a house, a loan on a car, gas & electric, water, trash, cell phone, internet, renters & car insurance (for three cars), and a credit card. We put Caleb’s dad on our insurance when he agreed to help pay.


good morning

I enjoy mornings when I can make a smoothie (preferably one that tastes delicious), but today would prove otherwise. I bought radishes, so I tossed some of them in, some wilted romaine, a soft kiwi, some calorie-heavy hemp seeds, yummy blueberries, a scoop of Greek yogurt, and then two tablespoons of peanut butter so I could drink it all without tasting the celery.


he sleeps while I read

At the gym, I got to listen to a girl sing (she was terrible) and guys talk: one about his 95 year old grandma dying soon and her pricey house in LA, and another about all the steroids he used to take (because why not?). This is why people wear headphones, but I’m one of the weirdos who likes good conversation (when possible) during a workout.



bamboo leftovers

Today was my first day being late to work with the kids already on mats mid-lesson about the spine and vertebrae. The later class would learn the parts of the spine too — cervical (between chin and clavicle), thoracic (like Jurassic), and lumbar (low). We are still introducing new stations for post-lunch recess, but the after school music program provided a nice interruption today; and I put the jump ropes on the wrong playground.


watering the weeds

I did some jumping jacks with the kids and then pitched for kickball and got two outs. A girl came up to me and asked if I’d seen the school’s janitor and I helped in her absence. I went to the little girl’s toilet and pumped poo from the pipes and waited for the toilet to reload (very slowly) so I could do it again. I notified the principal and then cleared the bowl finally so other students could go; they need to learn how to flush.

I got home to find my poor bamboo plant shattered on the floor and it’s now trying its luck on the side of the house. I’ve been updating my ancestry tree off and on for years and each time I accept one hint I get ten more. I’ve connected through email with extended family in New York and am trying to add people and details (especially within the last 50 years) where there are a lot of blanks.

P.S. I found $5.

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