Lucky Day

Q&A a Day: You are lucky; how so or not so? I am: happy, healing, hired, helpful, and humorous. I have good habits, a great husband, and a home near the beach.

Caleb’s dad recommended we go to a Russian grocery in San Diego, so I used Google and found a few markets to shop at: Balboa International, Harvest International, and Baron’s (where we found bread and oil/vinegar samples — bought two bottles). After all these stores, we went to Whole Foods to spend my $10 gift card, get more samples, and then forget to use it; but we did get a free six-pack carry bag for all our carbonated beverages (all the flavors Living Tea Brewing Co. doesn’t carry).


porcelain carving





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2 Responses to Lucky Day

  1. We will definitely be doing that. I’m always up for trying new things. Thanks for the suggestion.


  2. Chester Hendrix says:

    I’ll toss you another suggestion. Check your local Mexican bakeries for their cinnamon rolls. The one here in town makes the BEST cinnamon rolls you can get anywhere in town. The body is not like the dense or puffy ones you get at various donut shops, but rather has the consistency of a croissant. With or without frosting, it is hands-down the best in town.


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