Couchsurfers BBQ



Era Tower

Caleb and I had breakfast at Lilou’s. I ordered fried eggs wrapped in vermicelli noodles served in mini frying pans. We walked to PSD (personnel support detachment) to talk about Caleb’s pay as the man behind the counter noticed a few problems – they canceled pay, only paid for one of us to travel, and didn’t pay him enough.

Caleb walked me to the car and I dropped him off in front of the NEX (Navy Exchange) so he could take the pedestrian bridge to the other side of the base. The temperature is 93 degrees and some humidity. I drove to the Lagoon to join Eloise, Carole, Lindy, and Kendra at 11:30; they’d been at Tea Club since 10 am and we stayed another hour and a half.


Jo and Doc in the pool

The Couchsurfers BBQ group had made plans for tonight, but nothing else was said. There was a half eaten pizza at Tarik’s when I showed up, so we ate it. We started drinking and met another couchsurfer that lives in the tower, Juan from Indiana. He’s been a middle school principal for seven years in Bahrain. We ate bread and meat and I jumped in the pool but got right back out; it was too cold for me.

The ten of us went upstairs at 3 am when the maintenance guy asked us to. Jo and Doc cooked chicken sausages with more bread and got some candy from the building’s store to share. We all split ways by 4:30 and I was home before sunrise.

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