A Day of Shopping

labeled light on base

labeled light on base

Caleb took Sparky out because he was up, and with Piggy still asleep we left. I opened my door and Caleb leaned in with lips puckered, “We can’t kiss outside.” He said it will be nice to be stationed anywhere else where we can kiss and hold hands again in public. He waits by the roundabout for the duty van as I go to the Freedom Souq to read for an hour and drink an apple/mango smoothie for $3.75 before getting cold and going to wait outside of housing for them to open.

Some of Caleb’s guys show up and ask me about all the places we turned down – like the one with the pool in the living room – because it was small, in an apartment, and the owner didn’t want dogs. “Do they bark?” Well, they don’t meow, I thought. I got called back and they are not able to get me another pre-contract. I will try again this afternoon before picking up Caleb, otherwise I have to go back tomorrow – and either way, I’m making the trip to base.

the cute, but too small, shirt

the cute, but too small, shirt

I find a short-sleeve shiny red shirt for Caleb on sale and a light blue long-sleeve one. Upstairs I try on a dressing room full of shirts and dresses and come out with one each. I look for more shirts and pants for Caleb, but they’re either too big or too pricey – $100 or more. I look for bras and they have two for $10, but none in my size, so I settle for a handful of panties. These two items are sweat collectors and need lots of washing.

That took up a good hour and a half of my day and I went downstairs to buy dog food, hair conditioner, and something to mix with the vodka that Caleb bought. Booze has to be in a black bag, but I can then put it in the one I brought – clear or book bag – don’t understand that at all, but I will be sure to bring the black one back next time.

sign in the liquor store

sign in the liquor store

I knew by now the dogs would have swollen bladders and empty stomachs. I walked and fed them, and ate some leftover cheese and crackers from last night. I checked the NEX receipt and noticed that I was given the wrong discount on the shirt I bought. I should’ve noticed something when 30% was less than 25% so I will have to go back for the $3.00 difference.

I went to Alosra for water and something to flavor it with. I was surprised when I shouldn’t have been about the vacant deli – all the machines and food taken out and off of everything. I walked up and down every aisle. I got cheese, canned veggies, and soup, bananas, tea bags, two carbonated drinks to try, guacamole, mini-loaf of bread (to fit in the fridge so it won’t mold so quickly), and treats for the dogs. It’s nice knowing that I will have fruit, veggies, beans, boiled eggs, and pastries in the morning. It’s less that I have to shop for and fresh food here costs so much more than I’m used to .

non-caloric chocolate is as real as unicorns that don't poo rainbows

non-caloric chocolate is as real as unicorns that don’t poo rainbows

I was making my way to the register when I saw the guy stocking water and realized I missed the most important item I had come for, but then couldn’t remember where the bulk water was. He pointed it out to me – between the dog treats and carbonated drinks. Thanks. I helped bag my own groceries so I could reuse the bags I brought with me. We’ve thrown so many away, yet there are still lots under the sink. I use some of the bigger ones to bring our plastic bottles to the base to recycle.


Caleb in the chair



still looks handsome though


I relax at home for an hour or two and then Caleb texts me. I go by the NEX to fix the discount situation and it gets explained to me that I was given two discounts – that’s one expensive shirt. I meet Caleb upstairs so he can het his hair cut. The guy doesn’t do a good job, physically or aesthetically. We go downstairs to the ITT office to ask about the banner for WooW Expo I saw outside of the base, but they know nothing about it. Luckily, there isn’t too much traffic behind us and I have time to snap a photo so I can look up the event happening the 3rd-5th at the Convention Center.

240oz tea is $6.38, soda is $4.57

240oz tea is $6.38, soda is $4.57

We sit at the table, after walking and playing with dogs, ready to blog and read, but I have a headache so we make dinner – cheese tortellini with hot salsa and watch Every Which Way but Loose. I make a vodka, Kahlua, and coconut milk drink, but that doesn’t seem to help either. I’m probably dehydrated and alcohol is not the answer. I look up the event, the WooW Expo for women, as Caleb tries on the shirts I bought him. Of course, the red one is too small. I try sitting at the table again, but end up going to bed – it’s 8:30.

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