Ride and Dine

view from the bikeway

view from the bikeway

Betty got off work early today and invited me to ride the Bayshore Bikeway with her up to the Coronado Brewing Company (CBC for the locals). She got to my house after 1 pm and we left around 2 pm – after a half-lunch, pulling her bike from her trunk, and her changing out of her uniform. It was a bit windy (ok, a lot for newbies), but I have gotten used to it. We rode into the wind and enjoyed the yellow flowers, loud birds, and fast squirrels. With little competing traffic we took up both lanes because it’s easier to hear each other during conversation, but made sure to get out of the speed-cyclers way.

We made it to the Farmer’s Market located near the Ferry Landing in 50 minutes . If we had known about it we would have brought a bag and filled up on fresh goodies. We almost bought some strawberries to munch on, but continued our ride. We passed kayakers, runners, and families on the beach. We ordered some dehydrating water and the guacamole/salsa with chips appetizer. The salsa was sweet and delicious, but we were expecting chunky with tomatoes. The couple that sat down after us ordered the same thing – so it must be good.

Betty having fun with my camera - me too!

Betty having fun with my camera – me too!

It was so good that we sat there for 2 hours. The guys behind us ordered the hummus with pita bread and it looked tasty. They must have seen it in my eyes or overheard me within our two-feet proximity that one of the guys brought a small plate over so that we could try one each. It came with a jalapeno and red pepper – too spicy for Betty, but something I wouldn’t mind ordering if we go back.

We rode down Orange Ave on our return. It was fun to ride in-between the cars like the motorcycles do – that is, until those cars started moving. While we were at the CBC we saw cars backed up in traffic the whole time. We thought it was after work rush hour, but noticed a sign that said Spring Break – one of the big construction signs that light up – for those of us locals that didn’t know. We were glad we were on our bikes and made it back to my house by 6 pm after a 20 mile round-trip bike ride it was time for showers (at home).

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1 Response to Ride and Dine

  1. Any Spring bike ride that ends at a Microbrewery is a great one! I am so envious….. Glad you had a good time.


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