UV Spheres in Blender

turning spheres into letters

turning spheres into letters

This is what an hour of productivity with my dad looks like. He has been learning Blender and Unity 3D to create a new online environment that incorporates lots of new hardware –  the Leap, Oculus Rift, and Kinect to go with lots of software – including Maya, MakeHuman, 3D Coat, and Photoshop and After Effects (some software I’m familiar with).

The above is the letters J E S S …spelling part of my name. Shift + A to add a new mesh UV sphere, then over to the wrench to add a multiresolution modifier, then subdivide it to smooth the sphere. Then hit Tab to switch from Object mode to Sculpt mode. Go up to the left, grab a brush, size it, and get to work making a mess. To copy the S like I did hit Shift + D. Then right-click and drag to re-position the copy.

Then go to the Material globe on right for more editing. I went to Diffuse to select the colors for my letters from the color wheel. From there I can also change the intensity and the shader model. When satisfied with my sphere smoothing savviness I selected save. Then went to the snipping tool and took a screen shot to share my skills with you.

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1 Response to UV Spheres in Blender

  1. Caleb says:

    It is awesome how many programs there are just for people to be creative.


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