Piece of Paradise


There’s a little island more than 2,900 miles from here (Phoenix, AZ) known as Hawaii. It’s known for its high tides, big turtles, and stunning beaches. What some don’t know is the amount of island that the military uses – in active bases and memorials. There is also a large Mormon population that takes pride in Brigham Young University and their burgers with jalapeno and pineapple at Kahuku Grill that are so delicious a traveler I know was willing to eat there 3 out of 5 nights while in the area.

Kahili Mountain Park on Kauai

Kahili Mountain Park on Kauai

There are plenty of island tastes to try. A Poke bowl is a famous dish served with rice and tuna and a variety of other fish, spices, and veggies. There are Hawaii’s pineapples and large selection of local grown bananas, and delectable snacks – ginger candy, cranberry biscotti, and ginger rice squares. There is also some great passion fruit tea, Aleae sea salt, poke mix, passion fruit wasabi mustard and fruit mui.

There are plenty of things to keep one busy for months on the islands, but I haven’t been there so I can’t speak from experience. I only know of what I’ve been told and shown and had shared with me. My dad and Caroline recently went on a trip to Hawaii for the end of the world (in hopes of hula dancing zombies) and to celebrate her birthday and because of a trip won at an office party that afforded them 5 nights at the Turtle Bay Resort.

Turtle Bay Resort

Turtle Bay Resort

Upon their return I was gifted with a reusable bag from Foodland with a Poke bowl on it, a bright yellow shirt from Limahuli Garden, a skein of hand-dyed yarn, a bag of ginger-rice snacks and some things for the husband as well – a skein of Hawaii’s shades of blue, some dried pineapple, and a bar of filthy sailor soap. I almost feel as if I was there. My dad has a good habit of bringing a piece of his vacation back home.


Besides being able to have Hawaiian pineapple in my morning oatmeal I’ve been serenaded with songs from a ukulele that Caroline got. She had tried the mandolin, but found it didn’t suit her. We watched a bit of Lilo and Stitch; near the end of the film is a picture of a stage – that they have been to and seen a live performance. I appreciate the gifts and the fact that I can now carry some island spirit with me.

*Photos by John Wise

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1 Response to Piece of Paradise

  1. Caleb says:

    Haven’t tried the soap yet, but it looks awesome. We should go to Hawaii when I get back.


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