Managing Mania

Oceanside Beach

The dogs were restless last night. There was plenty of wildlife making noise and the temperature was a warm 41 degrees. I get sleep between dogs stepping on my hair and/or bladder throughout the night. Hwy 58 has some spectacular views for our morning drive. In the park is Soda Lake. It looks like a large pool of baking soda. Outside the park we see cows, a future solar panel ranch, oil fields, and the sun lighting the hills around all the beautiful turns.

We stop in Oceanside for lunch hoping to return to Robin’s Nest Cafe. Last time we were here it was sunset and we seemed to have the place to ourselves. Today there are many people eager to eat, shop, swim, fish, sit, talk, and walk their dogs. We join the crowd on the boardwalk and find out the cafe has been closed long enough for another restaurant to take its place. We order some veggie fajitas (comes with corn cob) and guacamole to share at Rockin Baja Coastal Cantina.

me on dock with seal, close-up on Flickr

We get the dogs and head to the beach where they are not allowed, take a picture, and then put them back in the car so I can get a close-up photo of a seal on the dock. We get some gas and then get back into traffic. I’ve been to 47 of the United States and the worst traffic areas are Miami, L.A., and San Diego – and they don’t even have snow to contend with.

Home after 3:00 pm. In the mail – cheap bills, on the answering machine – a threatening call from Geico to be liable for the accident. I will be doing a post on the details of that story soon. We were able to get an estimate appointment, at the same shop that repaired our car two weeks ago, for 4:30 pm. Back home we are able to finish unpacking, do some laundry, awe at the new grass in the backyard, shower, and eat some dinner.

This is the end of this trip – physically, but I still have pictures to add to my posts so I will get to relive this trip for another day or two. Then I have house cleaning, bills, yard work, husband’s deployment, and dogs to tend to. Piggy was carsick more this trip than ever even with Dramamine pills and chamomile biscuits and is loving the non-motion of the bed. Sparky is making high-pitch noises in the windows. Hopefully he is ready for bed soon – it’s been a long day.

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